May 22, 2017

Buckled Ballet Flats – How I’ve Been Wearing Them

Oh, buckled ballet flats. You are the coolest.

When I first saw the trend pop up about 6 months ago, courtesy of Miu Miu (and on beautiful Misty Copeland no less), I was immediately obsessed. However, I knew it wasn’t a shoe I would actually buy (hello $$) and, not to mention, they didn’t appear to be a very realistic shoe for a mama running around after her kids, so boooooo.

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May 22, 2017

Lighten Up: Styling Your Black Clothing for Spring

jacket (similar) | tee | jeans | sneakers (similar)

You probably know by now I adore black and gray. Besides the occasional striped shirt, most of my closet consists of dark clothing, especially in winter. Spring here is a little nuts weather-wise, but mostly it’s still quite cool and rainy, all the way through June-uary (the name says it all.)

But, while I will always love my black pieces so, all the spring flowers do actually inspire me to lighten up a bit this time of year. Clothing. I mean clothing-wise. This type-A has trouble ever lightening up beyond my outfit. (Sorry, family.)

So, I came up with a few ideas, using some new and old favorite pieces, to style an all black outfit for spring, and it’s definitely my newest go-to look. As my dad loves to say “I love it when a plan comes together!” Me, too, dad. Me, too! Check it out…

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May 21, 2017

Our Interview With Sarah Lemon, Author of Done Dirt Cheap

Gang, I’m so excited about this girl.  Sarah Lemon, a longtime reader  – and the writer of one of my favorite pieces we’ve ever published – just came out with a new book, Done Dirt Cheap.

I read it – no, devoured it –  in a weekend. It’s good.  It’s good in a very girl-power way.  It’s good in a universal truth kind of way.  It’s good in a tears and laughter and – and this is my fav part – a dark sort of snorting amusement that can only come from the experience of being a girl, of being underestimated, of having to just find your own way in a world that often feels like it was made for someone else.  It reminded me of a modern, girl-centered Huckleberry Finn.

Obviously, I loved it.  But then, I’ve always loved Sarah’s writing.  Ever since she sent in her essay on personal style (three years ago!!) – the essay that brought us all to our knees, tears streaming down our faces…..I’ve had Sarah on my radar.  My husband’s, too.  Ever so often he’d ask me, “Babe?  Remember that one reader who wrote–”  Yes.  Of course I do.

Keep reading for a fun little interview with Sarah, as well as her latest essay, written just for you.

Sarah, I’m just so glad you exist in this world, Chick.  Your words are gifts.

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May 20, 2017

Weekend 5.20

Raines has decided to become a vegetarian.  I blame R&K (you know who you are), and some documentary he watched with Mike.  So lunches have become trickier, which is just what you want as the school year draws to a close: a new challenge!  Dear God.  We’re barely hanging on here.

Raines….making feeding easy since 2008. #no

(I couldn’t even #hahano that one, it’s such a hard no.  My old Denver friends will remember my pain.  THEY WILL REMEMBER.)

Anyway, let’s get to it.


A fancy dress for the not-fancy.  Remember my friend Linzi?  She just bought this dress.  It’s easy, cotton, and cool….yet looks so fancy.  I’m totally obsessing over it.  Hmmmm… I a bad friend if I buy the same one??? #nevertoooldfortwinsies?

Tan, tan, tan.  I’m realllllly feeling a tan clutch for summer – so effortlessly chic, right?  I’m considering this twisted suede one at Banana, or this quirky ‘vacation’ one at Madewell.  Thoughts?

Modcloth has 30% off swim!  Our readers have raved about this retro beauty, especially for post-partum, but for the daring, this suuuuper sexy plunge suit would work, too.   Also, pineapple print (with ruffles).  Flirty and fun.

Speaking of swim….Hautelook has Marilyn Monroe swim on sale.  I’ve never heard of this brand, but I can’t stop thinking about this striped suit or this devastatingly chic white swimsuit.  Gorgeous, no?  And on sale for $26.  Sheesh.

Picnic better.  My favorite thing for picnics in the park (or in backyards, or even on city porches)….is this table in a bag.  And now it’s on sale.

Let’s redefine nude.  There was an interesting discussion about my use of the word “nude” to describe something that was essentially my skin color.  I can totally appreciate that we need a broader definition.  So I’m thrilled that ThirdLove has just come out with a range of “naked” underwear in a ton of different….nudes.  Yay for diversity.  (And for keeping me honest, you guys.)

Also, THIS….

Mom Knows Best.  My mom has sworn by the health benefits of dark chocolate for years.  Now we all eat it for breakfast.  Apparently, Dr. Oz’s Sirtfood diet agrees.  Also?  Red wine.  Sign me up.

Are you a cool mom?  I totally resonated with Michelle Peters-Jones’ article, I’m Never Going To Be a “Cool Mom” and That’s OK.  She sounds plenty cool to me.

I’m coming for you, Quinoa.  Refinery29 explains why Trader Joe’s is so cheap, and recommends a few affordable favs.

In case you missed this on Facebook….we love I Mom So Hard.

Happy weekend!




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May 19, 2017

The Most Comfortable Shorts EVER – American Eagle

When I first put these shorts on, I was like “oh yeah, I’m keeping these babies” before I even looked in the mirror.  They are hands-down the MOST comfortable item of clothing I’ve ever put on my body.  (I mean, it didn’t hurt that they were under $40, too).  So soft, so perfectly broken-in . . . long enough to wear without feeling like everything is hanging out . . . it almost didn’t even matter what they looked like.  Almost.

The problem I have when I buy longer shorts is that they typically make me look wider than I am.  Because I have to buy them large enough to fit my butt, the legs kind of stick out straight and make my thighs look bigger (where my big booty girls at – I know you know what I’m talking about!).  So I just had to figure out how to make them flattering.  The solution?  A simple roll at the bottom gave them a bit more shape and voila – I found my new favorite pair of shorts.

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May 18, 2017

Lemlem X Joe Fresh Swim! (SO. GOOD.)

Gang, I’m a longtime fan of Lemlem:  the floaty scarves and dresses, the summer-ready patterns, and the fact that the brand is committed to hiring women, elevating African artisanship and creating more jobs in African nations.  The only downside is that true artisanship – compared to fast fashion – costs more.  Pieces in the Lemlem collection often range from $100 – $500.

Enter Joe Fresh, a Canadian-based fast fashion retailer.  They’ve come together on a swimwear collaboration that is GORGEOUS – fans of the brand will recognize the Lemlem influence – with proceeds going to Liya Kebede Foundation.

All the yes.




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May 17, 2017

Preppy with a Twist: Waist-Tied Tops & Leopard Print Heels

Ahh, Spring. The perfect time (and temp) to switch up your style. Whether you’re going from parkas to sundresses or you’re a lucky one who’s been in shorts all year (cough, cough CAM) you want a little something new. When the TME girls gave me a style challenge, I was determined to take on “preppy” as best I could. Collared shirts, if we’re getting specific here. Damn, these girls are good at dishing out the hard stuff.

As much as I usually don’t like button-up collared shirts, I can’t help but be drawn to unique trends. Since I’ve been eyeing all the great new wrap-around style button up blouses I figured this was as good a time as any to try one.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE preppy style, I just feel like I can never quite pull it off.  Mainly, I don’t like feeling constricted. As a child, I refused to stay dressed because I couldn’t stand how suffocating clothes made me feel. Obviously, I made it through the ‘no clothes’ phase but restrictive clothing isn’t necessarily conducive to my lifestyle. I’m constantly moving while working; I spread out on the floor when painting and drawing and stand and pace when writing.

The top I was planning on ordering was sold out in my size so I headed to the mall where I found a similar style at New York and Company. I paired it with my Rocket Citizens and (in true preppy fashion) my low-slung pointed toe leopard heels.

Of course, in the store, the top was professionally tied in a lovely bow that I had to dismantle in order to put the shirt on.  I was never able to re-create their perfect wrap and knot but the long ties allowed me to get creative with styling and wrapping in different ways. I liked having it tied a little looser to give me some room to breathe and so my ta-ta’s weren’t too squished. My biggest concern of course was that it was going to be too constricting but the material was quite comfortable and had a nice bit of stretch for moving.  Plus, I couldn’t believe how many compliments I received while wearing it.

Mission: Successful.

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May 16, 2017

$50 Shift Dress Styled 4 Ways

This Leith shift dress has long been one of my favorites . . . it’s an easy dress to throw on and go, dress up or dress down and comes in a ton of colors (which change all the time).  The cut is super flattering for all body types and doesn’t hug like some dresses do – even for this pear-shaped girl.  Bonus: It’s machine-washable (hang to dry) and under $50.  Here are four ways I’m wearing it: 

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