December 5, 2016

Ski Season Prep: Water-Resistant UGGs and This PARKA



Gang, it’s almost that time of year (at least in Pennsylvania).  I’m talking, of course, about ski season, which has already started in Colorado, a fact that Raines and Pax can’t get their heads around.  Raines, especially, is almost blind with jealousy.  We’re on a near-constant snow watch, and every morning they ask me to check Blue Mountain’s Instagram to see if any progress has been made on the snow-making front.

Um.  The random 60-degree temps have NOT been helping.

To appease the beasts (and prep just in case Blue is open by 12/17 – fingers crossed!!), we cruised on up to get new helmets and seasonal rentals for the boys….and to fix Mike’s boots.  (If anyone knows of a ski-boot whisperer please let us know.  Mike has been skiing with foot pain for two years running now, so UGH.)

Despite the cold, gray, and (annoyingly) snow-free day….I was warm, toasty and comfy, thanks to my new fav parka and…..drumroll please…..water-resistant UGGs.  They’re just like my old UGG minis, but with a thicker sole (I detect a slight wedge) and a snugger fit.  I was debating between black and gray, and in hindsight, I should’ve purchased the gray – the black shows signs of wear very quickly.  Ah, well.  Live and learn.  But they’re so totally soft and cozy I kinda don’t care.

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December 5, 2016

Gender Neutral Dollhouses


When I was three, I got a dollhouse for Christmas, built by my talented Papa (he went on to make grandfather clocks and I’m honored to have one in my dining room.) I was so excited; it was a memory I’ll never forget. As I got older, I remember decorating the walls inside with wrapping paper for wallpaper and placing the delicate furniture my grandmother got me in the different rooms.

I’m grateful for my thoughtful parents who carefully saved this dollhouse that is now sitting in Sienna’s room here in Portland (all the way from Arkansas via a stint in Nashville) and I’m so glad we lugged that around all these years. The coolest part? My papa painted the house yellow with white trim all those years ago…the exact colors of our new house in Portland. (Cue all the tears).

I know not everyone can have a talented Papa around to make a custom dollhouse, but I’ve found some seriously cute, high-quality options that will bring years of joy for your little.


Why gender-neutral?  Well…for two reasons:  First, here at TME we strongly believe in moving past old, limiting stereotypes and embracing the child you have, whatever that may mean, and….as it turns out, non-gender biased dollhouses are less-gimmicky, more décor-friendly dollhouses, too.  The simpler designs allow for kiddos’ imaginations to run wild and give us mamas who enjoy a peaceful looking home a great option we don’t have to relegate to the toy closet. When on the hunt for these little houses, the designer in me was tempted to only choose the natural wooden ones, but I did find some cute, colorful wooden houses, too.

(My poor child and her black & white, neutral-toned life, haha. Except for the yellow dollhouse, of course.)

Check out the fun options I found below.

December 4, 2016

A Gift Guide for Mamas Who Need to Slow Down

Christmas.  Snow falling outside, snuggling your kids on the couch with hot cocoa (or wine) in your mug.  Lighting candles and turning on the lights of the tree.  A chance to slow down, relax and be present.  That’s what I’m picturing this Christmas . . . and here are all of the gifts in this vein.  (And a few sparkly jewels because . . . it’s me.)

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December 4, 2016

Festive, Cozy Flannel Sheets for Kids + Adults


The nights are dipping below freezing here so it’s finally starting to feel like flannel sheet season! Usually I wouldn’t advocate something that makes it that much harder to leave a warm bed in the morning, but jumping into this cozy nest at the end of the day is bliss.  A fun reindeer print also doesn’t hurt (these are hilarious). The kids don’t have flannel sheets yet and I’m looking forward to surprising them soon – their regular sheets just feel so freezing at bedtime (our old house is drafty, brr)! It’s also a sweet idea to have flannel sheets on guest beds during holiday stays. So welcoming and festive.

The good news is there are still really good options after the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, and most of these are still on sale! Check out my top picks for cool, cozy flannel sheets for kids and grown-ups.

December 2, 2016

Hey, Weekend. (December Already?)


This morning was a mess.  Raines was so upset because his homework wasn’t finished, we were running so late I forgot to pack lunches (and school lunches are pretty bad – even my boys hate them),  and then Pax bit it hard (skinning both knees) on the walk to school, which required several precious minutes of sitting on the sidewalk, wiping noses, drying tears, and murmuring comforting words as the realization set in that there was NO POSSIBLE WAY we were getting to school on time.

At one point I looked up – as I was towing a crying boy in each hand – and saw a mom pushing a stroller, walking right towards us.  For a moment, our eyes met, and then she smiled.  It was a smile of camaraderie, a smile of understanding, of compassion….a smile of sisterhood.  She almost said something – there was a pause – and then we were past.  But in that instant, no words were necessary.  Fortified, I soldiered on.  Not screaming at my boys, not yelling at them to ‘hurry up!!”,  just calmly walking my crazy train the last few blocks to school.

Thanks, Mama.  I needed that.


WHOA!  Little Bits electronic kits (my fav STEM toy) are 35% off at Amazon!

If the words Carven, Cinq a Sept, and Derek Lam make your heart beat fast….check out Intermix’s sale:  an extra 40% off already reduced prices.  Including my favorite Rag and Bone Dre’sthis Derek Lam top for $100 and this See by Chloe bag for under $200. But choose carefully:  the sale products are all final sale.  For more of my favs from the sale, see my Editor’s Shop.  I just updated it with an Intermix sale section.

Speaking of editor picks, Jess and Gwen have also recently updated their Editor boutiques.

The latest in “teething technology” (har har har but no seriously) – The Teething Egg.  Cam’s all over it.

He’ll probably kill you.  But Pony Up Daddy takes horsie to a whole new level.  Tell hubs to blame Laura for this gem.

Rock the cookie exchange.  Obviously, Scotti needs these Ugly Christmas Sweater cookie kits.  Goes perfectly with  her GoT Christmas Sweater.  (Thanks, Cam!)

Also, this….

We’re offering a sneak peek of our STEM guide, downloadable to readers who subscribe to our posts and weekly newsletter here.  Our first newsletter drops TONIGHT (can we talk about it like an album?) and we hope you love it.

Leave it to our millennial to find these ah-mazing Holiday Jello Shots.  GWEN.

Trying to dial it down this holiday season?  Cam found The 4 Gift Rule  and has us all obsessed, and the White Envelope Project  moved me to tears.  A truly beautiful tradition.  (Thanks, Amanda!)


What are you guys doing this weekend?  Jackie hits theaters Dec 2 (today), which I’d love to see….but it looks like instead I’ll be taking the boys to see Dr. Strange.  It strikes me as a wee bit violent, but this is where the three of them roll their eyes at me. I’m so outnumbered over here.  :)  Later this weekend we’re hoping to head over to Rothman Rink (which I covered last year – here) – and it sounds like it’s even better.  So excited.

Lastly…Jess is taking over the TME Snapchat this weekend!! We’re super excited because she’s moving into a new house, and is going to be hitting some antique stores in Grand Rapids, hoping for a little DIY inspiration.  She’s good like that.  Congrats, Jess!

Happy weekend, everyone…..



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December 2, 2016

Monochromatic Oxblood



My husband has referred to my wardrobe as 50 shades of grey . . . and yes, I do like to wear lots and lots of black and grey.  There’s no thought into color matching, and wearing all black is (IMO) sexy and slimming.  But, when Laura shared a picture on the TME Slack channel of a woman wearing all dark red, I LOVED it.  I went into my closet and grabbed two of my favorite pieces and put them together . . . something that just never occurred to me before.

Oxblood, dark red, shades of maroon . . . all look awesome together.  The beauty of it is that they don’t have to match perfectly to work.  It’s a refreshing new way to dress for the holidays.

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December 1, 2016

Upgrade Your Momiform: Introducing the Long Jacket


I’m always looking for ways to give my day-to-day outfits a boost. I used to get all craaaaaazy with it and actually wear cute pencil skirts with little sweaters and even *gasp* heels. I know. That must have been before kids, Cams. YEP. Exactly.Before kids, outfits were a bit more…less basic. Or at least, I could deal with being more uncomfortable for longer periods of time. (I didn’t have small people hanging on me, usually) I CANNOT DEAL WITH THAT ANYMORE. ha.

Now, it’s all how casual is too casual? heh.

That said, I really do still like to play around with the basic momiform and give it a boost – a little edge…in a SIMPLE, yet cool way. I’ve recently been noticing the long jacket. I know, I’m a tall B, butbutbut I do think there’s enough of a range of lengths and styles that they can be worn by anyone.

So. Here’s how I wore it…

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December 1, 2016

Fun Modern Holiday Sweaters for Kids

Have you guys seen this year’s range of cool, offbeat holiday sweaters out right now for kids? (Apparently some of you have, since the boutique I set up a few weeks ago got decimated during Black Friday/Cyber Monday!) In case you’re still looking for a holiday outfit that looks nice, lets kids express some personality and is comfortable, I found some that check all those boxes, and at reasonable prices, too! Think cheeky spins on traditional patterns (from astronauts to ice cream cones), unique color combinations and versatility to wear beyond the holidays.

November 30, 2016

The Best (and the Worst) Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the Family

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-6-24-44-pmWomen’s Christmas Stocking Stuffer Sweater from Tipsy Elves

Anyone have a party they need an ugly Christmas sweater for?  Me too.  And because I actually love ugly Christmas sweaters (whether or not I have a party to go to), I had a blast rounding up all of my favorites for you guys.  Men, women, boys, girls – I’ve got you covered.  Amanda actually found the best one, though . . . the stocking stuffer sweater above is perfect for a BYOB party.  No glass necessary.

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November 30, 2016

Guy Style: Three Ideas For Holiday Parties



Need a few fresh ideas for your guy this holiday season?  It’s always surprisingly tricky.  Despite the fact that guy style can be summarized – at a high level – as Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Done….there’s often a fine line between date night and work drone.  And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a full suit, most holiday parties fall into the casual-to-sorta dressy range, leaving most guys reaching for khakis #no or polo shirts #no.

So here are three easy outfit ideas – from dressy to casual – for your guy’s holiday party needs.

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